If you are now scanning this page my hope is that you are interested in drag racing and potentialy interested in drag racing videos. I Have the European agency for a quantity of American tapes covering the golden age of drag racing both in the form of original film of the cars running hard for fame or fortune in their heyday and resurrected original or replica dragsters taking part in more recent nostalgia events. 1320's range of highly detailed diecast model dragsters is also stocked.

The current catalogue divides into three groups of tapes:

Jackson Brothers, Gold Dust Classics and Don Tuttle. 

Jackson Brothers Videos  
The Jackson brothers were fortunate enough to attend most of the west coast dragstrips during the years of the gasser wars and the heyday of the fuel altered. Luckily enough for us they took a camera along and spent what in those days would have been a small fortune on colour cine film. More recently they have been sorting through, restoring, assembling and editing historic film shot by themselves and others and rounding things out with contemporary video footage to make up these tapes. Most of the footage is exceptionally good quality, indeed Jackson Brothers filmstock has been used in feature films and by Diamond P in some of their drag racing videos. I am proud to have been appointed the Jackson Brothers European agent. The tapes are produced in U.K. PAL standard direct from the Jackson Brothers master tapes. 

Gold Dust Classics 
Skip Norman at Gold Dust Classics has produced a series of ten historic drag racing tapes. Featuring, but not exclusively devoted to, the east coast tracks and a higher proportion of full-bodied cars whether plain stockers, super-stocks, altered wheelbase, A/FX, pro-stock or funny cars, these titles fill in areas missed by some of the other tapes whilst still showing rails, altereds and gassers. The tapes have excellent footage of years gone by, see how the famous racers started out and the development of most of the race categories that we know today. 

Don Tuttle 
As the track announcer at the Santa Ana strip Don Tuttle was right up close, week in, week out, to the early cars and competitors. He has produced a set of four tapes, three “historic” drag racing and hot rod titles and a more recent tape covering the 1994 Bonneville meet.  

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