Every now and then I am asked to suggest a tape as a potential gift for the benefit of a “drag racing enthusiast”. As enthusiasts will already know, there are several categories within drag racing with the further division as to whether they prefer historic or more recent footage. These question might help narrow the choice: 

A preference for fuel altereds? If so then the choice is between Bad Boys (historic with music and narration) or Bad Boys 2 (more recent nostalgia with live sound). 

A preference for Gassers (Ford Pop, Willys etc.)? Gasser Files (easy!) 

Golden age Funny Cars (late ‘60’s early 70’s)? Either of the Match Race Madness 
tapes or alternatively Indy Nats. 

Insisting on live sound? Try Gold Dust’s Birth of Drag Racing Vol2 or The Pros. 

“Havoc” style crash action and wild rides? Gold Dust’s Flames of Fear. 

Want an idea of current nostalgia racing? Nostalgia Wild or Hot Rod Thunder. 

Street Machines, 55, 56, 57 Chevies and Ford Thunderbirds? Shoebox Dream. 

General interest, the early days? The Don Tuttle Set. 

Best selling tapes? Wildshots, Nostalgia Wild, Flames of Fear. 

My personal favorite? The Jackson Brothers Wildshots.