Suggested Web Sites 


Jon's U.K. Drag Racing Nostalgia site 
Still images plus links to other predominantly U.K. sites

Still images plus links to other sites, ancient and modern

Mopar Muscle Association GB
The face of the larger U.K. Mopar owners club. The club also runs a seperate messageboard. Chrysler Corp. Club UK [sadly now defunct] (inc. DeSoto, Plymouth, Dodge and Imperial)
A smaller club, without much of a web presence, but it does give subscription and contact details, the date of the next event etc.

(update Nov 2004, club may be defunct)

Muscle Car Imports
After ten years running the MMA, and with many more years of Mopar experience Tony Oksien has stood down as club president and taken a well deserved rest from the day-to-day club duties. If you are looking for a muscle car in the UK, or indeed within europe, his wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts could be very useful. If you are intending to make a purchase direct from MCI then I would however still suggest that you compare the written description against the vehicle.

European drag news plus links to European associations and individual teams 

French Mopar Owners Club
Not a drag race site per-se but a very friendly group of Mopar enthusiasts, 
their English is better than my French (what a surprise?)


Jackson Brothers
Actually these guys do have a web site but seeing that, despite being their european agent for the past 10 years, they cannot be bothered to give me a link I have now removed theirs. This is no reflection on the quality of the tapes and if you want NTSC format you can save yourself some money by tracking them down.

If you do so then by all means remind them that returning a favour should not hurt.

If you want to order up NTSC format on the web then you could always try the link below.

Nov 2004 Update, looks like they may finally be giving me a link!

Hot Rod Nostalgia
Stocking the Jackson Bros and Don Tuttle tapes in NTSC, as well as a whole load of other nostalgic rodding/racing stuff. Send for their catalog(ue) and give them a try, once again please let them know where you heard of them

Nitronic Research
One of the best report/rumour mills on the american nostalgia scene
A database of past results and current racer rankings, NHRA pro and upper sportsman categories
A message forum concentrating on Pro-Modified and Pro-stock drag racing

Affiliates a short list of low or no-cost providers I have used

Return Links a list of some sites kind enough to link to mine