Ye gods it has been a long time since the last update. I am in the process of moving and the items are neither readily accessible or in any form of sorted order.

If you want something by all means enquire (email probably best, please be patient!). Please regard the old prices as advisory, at the very least they will have to be adjusted for sales tax, which won't hurt the EC customers so much but I do commiserate with those who live outside EC.

There have been a few new items in the intervening years but I hope you will understand that updating this site is not the current priority.

Shipping Options

Due to the way that the PayPal shopping cart works it has been neccessary to set the web-catalogue pages up in a way such that the postal option (UK or EEC, parcel or letter rate, uninsured or insured) is selected before individual items are added to the on-line basket. If for any reason you selected items for a postal option that you prefer not to use then those individual order lines may be deleted using the "view basket" button.

Please select from:

UK letter service (uninsured) standard letter service to UK addresses only

UK letter service (insured) letter service to UK addresses only

EEC letter service (uninsured) standard letter service to "western european" and/or "group of twelve" EC countries

EEC letter service (insured) letter service to "western european" and/or "group of twelve" EC countries

If you happen to live in North America, (USA or Canada), the Antipodes (Australia or New Zealand) or other countries such as South Africa or Japan please consider that whilst we understand that there may well be better drag racing and more historic/nostalgia interest where you are located than in the UK or europe, and can post items to you, the costs for doing so do vary and may seem high. Please contact us to determine a shipping price before buying.

The insured service is via what used to be called registered post. We can post to anywhere that the global postal system delivers but postal insurance is not available to all countries.

If you want multiple items then we can usually provide a better shipping cost and a parcel service may be cheaper. Please note that the weight of a package, particularly if containing diecast models, may be over the weight limit for letter post thus forcing the use a parcel post or courier service.

If you live outside the UK/EEC or prefer some other (insurable) courier (such as UPS/Fedex) then please contact us.

If you are interested in the VHS videotapes and operate under the NTSC television system then please make sure that you understand that the VHS video tapes are in PAL format before buying.

The DVD videos are "region 0" and are thus not locked to a geographic area, the bulk of the DVDs were encoded in the NTSC format but will play on the vast majority of DVD players. I have yet to be told of a modern (2006 or later) Region 2 (UK/ European) dvd player than will not cope with NTSC coded disks. I can not promise that a particular dvd player will cope with "burnt" disks but if it is not specified on the player or in the manuals that you have then an internet search of the model number will normally produce the specifications and a review of the player's capabilities.